Thanks to the Enrichment Center, Life is Not About Limitations


At the Enrichment Center, there is a belief that everyone in the community, regardless of perceived abilities or disabilities, deserves to live not only a great life, but the best life possible. This includes people like Trip, who has been a student at The Enrichment Center for more than 20 years. Trip is an avid artist, and enjoys singing, sculpting, painting and sewing. Today, his imaginative and fanciful artwork is included in many private collections, and has been presented in numerous regional exhibitions.

As students at The Enrichment Center, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are enabled to grow as individuals, live with dignity, and make choices in how they fulfill their lives. A variety of programs are offered to students – just like Trip – allowing them to earn a living, be recognized for their artistic talent, and live independently.

Did You Know?

The Enrichment Center serves nearly 200 local individuals and families, empowering them through art, education and employment.


Service Areas

The Enrichment Center is affiliated with The Arc of Forsyth County, which serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Forsyth County.

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Kaleb Pittman