Kramden Institute Gives NC Families At-home Computers


In 2017, it’s not unusual for teachers to assign homework that requires a computer to complete. However, for some students, the notion of web-based homework can cause embarrassment, anxiety and worry because there is no computer at home to use.

When Ned Dibner was just 13 years old, he made this realization. He worried that his classmates may fall behind due to their lack of a computer at home. Ned and his father, Mark, began collecting and refurbishing computers and gifting them to local families without a home computer. The idea quickly transformed into what is now the Kramden Institute, which has provided thousands of computers to those who need them most. The Institute’s mission has expanded too, in addition to providing computers, the organization aims to teach students critical computer skills and reduce waste by recycling and reusing old computers and hardware.

Did You Know?

Kramden has awarded more than 24,000 computers to deserving students across 78 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.



Service Areas

Kramden Institute collects, refurbishes and awards computers to families across North Carolina.

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Brendan Ward