United Way of Alamance County: Connecting Volunteers and Community Organizations


Many people have a desire to give back and serve their communities, but it can be challenging to find the right organization that aligns with one’s specific interests and skillsets. The United Way of Alamance County has created a platform to match community members with available volunteer opportunities. Interested individuals can sign up to receive information about service roles and organizations that they find compelling, in fields like education, finance, medical and more.

More than 41 agencies and 61 needs have been added to the volunteer platform since January 2016 alone. This tool gives community members the opportunity to partner with a variety of nonprofits to make a difference in their region, while helping local organizations.

Did You Know?

Over 900 service hours were logged between January 2016 and January 2017 among the multiple agencies within the United Way of Alamance County’s volunteer platform.


Service Areas

The United Way of Alamance County serves nine cities and towns in Alamance County.

Learn more about United Way of Alamance County here.

Brendan Ward