Faith Communities, Health Systems Partner to Improve Access to Care


When a person is in need of critical medical care, they shouldn’t have to worry about how to get to their appointments. FaithHealthNC partners with faith communities and health systems to ensure that all community members are part of a network of support for healthy living.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center works with FaithHealthNC to help congregations meet people’s needs during times of illness, by providing education, support and resources. This could mean providing a patient with daily transportation to chemotherapy, training volunteers about end-of-life care, offering emotional and spiritual support, and more.

This partnership hearkens back to the original vision for Wake Forest Baptist - 90 years ago, in which collaboration between medical institutions and congregations led to community health improvements. The program works by partnering compassionate care with patients who need assistance, getting those in need to the right health care location at the right time.

Did You Know?

Seven hospitals have partnered with 311 congregations to improve patient health outcomes with FaithHealthNC.


Service Areas

FaithHealthNC is located in Gaston, Davidson, Davie, McDowell, Randolph and Wilkes Counties

Learn more about FaithHealthNC here.

Brendan Ward